.NET programmers could do .NET development with the use of the SDK of the framework. Moreover, they could also use tools for fast building and deployment of robust applications. The framework tools provides benefits such as fully-managed and feature-rich app execution environment, app integration through ASP.NET, simplified application deployment and improved isolation of application components. Basically, there are three software development kits that programmers utilize to develop solutions and apps. These kits include the .NET Framework SDK, Platform SDK and Microsoft Windows SDK. Their differences lie in their area of specialization. Some of the tools of the platform to use include 7-Zip, BeyondCompare3, Aurora XAML Designer, C-Sharper for VB and BuildIT Automated Task Tool. There is also the CLRProfiler, CodeRush, Expresso and ELMAH or Error Logging Modules and Handlers tools. .NET is probably the best choice for software developers and programmers nowadays and is preferred by a lot of users all over the world.

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    .NET programmers have more chances to earn a steady income these days. As a developer of the platform, I see to it that I am always updated with the current tools and methods.